The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightclub 11 player Downloadable

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightclub 11 player Downloadable
The 70s - flares, discos and murder in a Croydon nightclub.


Tony Patrone
The handsome nite club owner and local boy made good. He has a real eye for the ladies, but there are rumours he has a heart of gold under all the bravado. Maybe that's just a rumour he puts about to conceal his other reputation as a small time crook.

Cinderella Rockerfeller
Fabulously wealthy, hippy American studying at Croydon University, but she's not the brightest tool in the box. She is dating Claude le Polymath. A slightly strange relationship...

Ray Copper
Ray is ahard bitten cop through and through, he drinks, smokes and takes no prisoners. Although he is married to his childhood sweetheart, Julie, his friends joke he's married to the job. An old school friend of Tony's there have been questions about whether his loyalties a really as clear cut as they seem.

Julie Copper
Julie is Ray's long suffering wife. She used to think being married to a policeman was glamorous now she gets all her glamour from her sparkly outfits and slightly over the top make-up.

Angela Glamor
Angela is a glamorous jet-setting air hostess. She has a veneer of class and looks down on Julie's sense of style but in fact she's really not as different as she likes to think. Angela has been dating Tony for 5 years now, somehow always managing to escape on another flight before their relationship gets serious.

Dave Hardman
Dave is Ray's new partner, a cop straight down the line. He is handsome and polite but some of the guys back at headquarters are interested in why Dave got shipped in and Ray's old partner shipped out.

Mandy Bitter
Mandy is Julie's best friend. She is single and looking, a good time girl who's not afraid to flirt. But is there a dark side to this tart or does she have a heart of gold?

Bob Vanman
Tonyís driver, Bob accompanies Tony everywhere. Quiet but pointed Bob is either a threat or a comfort, depending on how you look at him.

Patti Poubelle
Regular singer in the club, French Patti has her eye on Tony, and would gladly take him off Angelaís hands, but so far itís only the audience she draws that has enchanted him.

Claude Le Polymath
Claude is the head bouncer at Tonyís. He is very clever and loves to relate his work to poetry and literature. An odd job for an intellectual.

Nova Patrone
Tonyís sister, Nova thinks she is hilarious. She is setting up a club herself and needs advice from her big brother. They have a love/hate relationship.

Let murder commence!