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The Spy Who Came In With A Cold

The Spy Who Came In with A Cold 6 Player Downloadable
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Every year the most dangerous and renowned spies from all over the world come together for New Yearís Eve with a complete amnesty on spying, killing and other nefarious activity. They spend the weekend relaxing and having fun, knowing that all their arch-enemies are all in the same place! This year the gathering is at Jim Pondís mansion ski lodge in the alps. After a day on the slopes Jim returns early with leaving a message that he feels like he is coming down with a cold and will see them at dinner.

When Jim fails to appear for pre-dinner drinks the spies realise something has gone terribly wrong - Jim Pond is dead! Who has broken the amnesty? Are you now in danger? And what is the reason for the terrible death of The Spy Who Came In With A Cold?